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      The elevator wire rope is replaced every few years
      Release date: 2020-4-13 Views:178

      The elevator wire rope is replaced once every few years. Due to the influence of frequency of use, load state and maintenance in place, there is no time limit for the elevator traction wire rope to be scrapped.

      But there are scrapping standards, gb7588.tsgt7001 stipulates:

      In case of any of the following conditions, the traction compensation wire rope shall be scrapped:

      (1) Cage like distortion occurs, the rope core is extruded and kinked, and some of them are flattened and bent;

      (2) The broken wires are scattered in the whole wire rope, and the number of broken wires in a single strand is more than 4; or the broken wires are concentrated in a certain part of the wire rope or a strand, and the total number of broken wires in a strand is more than 12 (for 6 strands) or more than 16 & nbsp; (for 8 strands)

      (3) The diameter of the worn wire rope is less than 90% of the rope diameter.

      Therefore, the use of reasonable steel wire rope product structure can appropriately extend the service life of the elevator


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